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Property Management

Rather than taking a loss on the sale of your home, many homeowners have come to us to lease and manage their home.   
Steve currently owns 30 rental homes in the Fishers area and we manage approximately 50 more for other homeowners.  The #1 risk of leasing is tenant property damage and the second is the tenant not paying timely.  We spend a lot of time up front assessing both of these risks and work together with the owner in making the final decision of approving the right tenant who has a proven track record of caring for the property and paying on time.  Stephen has been very successful over the years having a profitable portfolio of his own, as well as, for our clients who entrust us to manage their home.  
Let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment for us to tour your home to determine if your property could become a profitable asset until the home values start coming back.   

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